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Time of the Sixth Sun - 108 minute feature movie
Watch 'Time of the Sixth Sun' the movie on demand...
Discover that as we begin to awaken we start to look around at the chaos and think ‘there has to be another way’, asking ourselves the question "Who Am I?"

Look inside to find aspects of our own internal chaos which leads to change. But change will always bring up what we don’t necessarily want to look at as we discover our shadow side and so starts that journey within. 

A process of purification as we let go of fears, conditioning, old paradigms, using ceremony and the ways of the indigenous. 

Descending from the mind to the heart space we attend elders gatherings who teach us that the visioning and dreaming comes from that heart space. 

And this dreaming will create a Vision for a New Earth, where we learn how to tread more lightly on the land whilst reclaiming and celebrating our sovereignty, as we as a species collectively ascend to a higher level of consciousness.
2x Beautiful Audio Albums
✔️ Exclusive access to 2x amazing Albums (CDs with Physical Package- Streamed Online with Digital Package).

🎶 Album 1 - Sonic Transmissions - 72 minute, 15 track album of your favourite music from Time of the Sixth Sun overlaid with the messages of wisdom from our speakers. Compiled by composer Charlie Roscoe.

 🎶 Album 2 - Sacred Transmissions - 54 minute meditation album created and mastered by Estas Tonne overlaid with the full transcript of Geoffrey Hoppe channeling the angelic being 'Tobias'.
Ongoing Access to the whole 'Lifting The Veil' series, online or on DVD...
EP:01 - An Awakening Global Consciousness
Huge changes are happening on our planet. But how deep do they go? 

New social structures which are more aligned with the sacred are emerging, and we are awakening to the possibility of walking more lightly on this Earth. 

We are slaves to a system that was set up a long time ago and the bondage of debt has now enslaved humanity for generations. 

These systems, rotten to the core, were created by the few to control the many. 

Isn’t a total transformation of the system now urgently needed? 
EP:02 - Healing Our Ancestral Wounds
There is a Universal Wound that connects us all, and many of us have been disconnected from our Indigenous roots. 

Domination of the Indigenous spirit and the stamping out of their ancient cultures in the name of profit, resources and religion has to cease globally. 

Can we re-purpose the old betrayal system and instead be answerable to Universal Law? 

Cause no harm, Cause no loss, Do no damage, Don’t impose your will on others
EP:03 - Ancient and Future Technologies
A pure energy source is still available to us today, we just need to tap into it. 

Electromagnetic fields of crystals are a huge silicone source of energy. 

Technology is now available which generates pure, clean and enhanced water, taken from the atmosphere. It is both plentiful and free and drawing power from the quantum vacuum will power us into space in the future. 

The Tesla coil can harness huge energy. Find out just how close we are to "tomorrow's world" becoming available today...
EP:04 - Sustainable Futures
Deep care comes from the heart. Is it time to return to trusteeship, to become guardians and stewards of the land? Our land. To restore the earth and grow healthy organic and biodynamic food for a sustainable future. 

Is it now time to look seven generations forward to what we are leaving our children as a legacy, rather than remain in the ‘what’s in it for me’ generation of the past seven generations? 

Do you know how to grow, forage, store and survive? Hear what the speakers' vision for the future is...
EP:05 - The Grandmothers Speak
We've collated the wisdom of the grandmothers in this fascinating episode.

The grandmothers know the phases of the moon and how the earth speaks through the elements. They say we have forgotten the sacredness of the animal and plant kingdoms. 

These are the pacts we made with the earth to be guardians and earth keepers.

There is a great awakening of the divine feminine energy, in both men and women. 

A resurgence of the Shekinah energy, and it is time for us to come back into balance.
EP:06 - The Grandfathers Speak
A collection of wisdom from the grandfathers in this equally fascinating episode. 

The Zulus in Africa still remember, the Dogons remember, the Hopi remember, the Mayans remember. The Kogi, the Arhuacas, the Wiwias and the Kanguamas, they remember. 

The Maori remember and many of the Polynesians, the Waitaha remember. The Indigenous of Australia remember. 

These are elders, they are literally part of who we are and we should listen to their wise words...
EP:07- Messages From The Heart
At the end of each interview, we asked every speaker who participated in the project the same four questions. What would you say to:

The Leaders of Our Planet? | The Children? | The Media? | What is Your Vision of the Future?

In this episode we've gone though and edited together the best of the best to share with you. 

 To hear each speaker's answers is fascinating and this episode will get you thinking, questioning and re-evaluating...
EP:08- Channeling our Guide & Storyteller
In three parts, we firstly ask Geoffrey Hoppe, about his experience as a trance channel. 

He then brings through Tobias, our guide and storyteller in the film, and asks him a series of questions. Adamus is keen to come in, so there is a changeover.

 In the final part, he brings through Adamus St Germain, this time with his eyes open, conscious and very much aware. 

It is interesting to observe the different energies & voices coming through one man, one vehicle. 
A Journey of Awakening Altar Table Book
Time of the Sixth Sun's Director/Producer Nikki 'Luna' Williams has collated a collection of photos and her chosen speaker quotes in this 120 page book.

This 120 page photographic book features the best images from our worldwide shoots in 16 different countries with awakening messages and anecdotes from our speakers.

This beautiful book will be available to view online for the Digital package and will be delivered to you (270mm x 210mm altar table book) as part of the Physical Package giving you a wonderful 'behind the scenes' insight of the making of the Movie and Docuseries to enjoy.
15x MP3 Downloads - listen to the audio of the movie, 8-part docuseries and all 6 bonus episodes on the move
Now you can take the Time of the Sixth Sun Series with you on the move.

Listen to the audio files of the movie, all 8-parts of the docuseries and the bonus episodes at your leisure.

Long car journey? - Walking in nature? - Working out? - Chilling at home?

Anytime you like, you can dip in and out of the audio and envelop yourself in the wisdom and sharings of the Indigenous Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Thought Leaders...
15x Transcript PDFs - Complete, easy to read transcripts of the movie, 8-part docuseries and bonus episodes to download
Don't have time to watch every episode or perhaps there was a particular quote in the movie that really resonated with you which you'd like to look up?

You'll love the fact that we've transcribed the movie and every docuseries episode plus all 6 bonus episodes for your reading pleasure.

15 Transcripts - Delivered to you digitally to read on the device of your choice.
Exclusive Bonuses
Recording of Group Live Online Experience with Uqualla
Recording of Group Live Online Experience with Geoffrey Hoppe
Recording of Group Live Online Experience with Estas Tonne
Recording of Group Live Online Experience with Nikki Luna and Theo from Time of the Sixth Sun
PLUS - Immediate access to 6x 'Never Been Aired' Exclusive Bonus Episodes

A beautiful transmission channelled through Helen as John the Beloved offers profound insights of our human consciousness and the meaning of our spiritual lives. 

This ‘wise woman of the earth’ redefines a spiritual life. Her wisdom is refreshing, accessible and relevant. Gaia was the ancestral mother of all life. A fascinating video!

Wendy is an intuitive empath and channel. She is channeling the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective to help us recognise and release old patterns to live a more integrated life.

In Mexico on the Spring Equinox 2004, we had the honour of filming the Otomi Toltec Prophecy 8000 Drum ceremony that would fulfil a 500 year old prophecy.

Ronna is a lecturer and messenger for Archangel Michael. Over the past 25 years, these important wisdom teachings carry a message of hope and inspiration for all of us.

Following on from the film’s theme of searching for our 'Fruit of the Rose', Marc shares his journey of transformation as he bonded with his captors after being kidnapped by Somali pirates.

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